Drawing on 20 years of research into the life and work of Dr. George King, this blog is my attempt to elucidate on probably the greatest spiritual teacher and Master of Yoga the world has ever known – or not known – as the case happens to be.

For many reasons, mankind remains largely unaware of what this man brought to our world. Those who are familiar with him, and even those who personally worked with him, have as yet been unable to make much of an impression on humanity regarding the colossus that was George King, though this is due in part to mankind’s inherent incredulity.

The information which came via George King – that is to say from him, and through him from other sources – when studied fully, contains crucial revelations regarding the past, present and future of mankind; the truth about the planet on which we reside; our solar system and the intelligences which inhabit it; mankind’s misconception of God; and above all, how we – the human race – can begin to dig ourselves out of the perpetual suffering and turmoil which has existed throughout all our history, and finally move forward.

Indeed this information parallels some of what all the major religions already teach, to lesser or greater degrees. But the gaping holes which exist  in all the world’s religions – fundamental questions which have remained unanswerable and have therefore relied on blind faith for millennia – are finally answered with startling clarity. Furthermore, George King amalgamates the spiritual and the scientific, with insight which would disarm even the most ardent atheist.

Our world is without any shadow of doubt approaching a crisis point, which is manifesting in many ways. Changes unprecedented in human history are beginning to take place; the old order is falling apart at the seams. Yet the majority are indifferent, or choose to bury their heads in the sand, and attempt to carry on as always in complete ignorance. The answers to all our problems exist, if only we are willing to expend some time and energy to find them.

Because these are such vast, far-reaching and difficult subjects to discuss, with every answer throwing up many more questions, the posts of this blog will be somewhat sporadic, as I gather my many notes and scribblings into a coherent structure in order to substantiate the life and work of Dr. George King from as many perspectives as possible. So, if you are reading this blog, please bear with me.

I am also writing a companion to this blog which deals with the true nature of consciousness, life after death and Karma through the question of why our world is constantly troubled with cruelty, violence and war. Have a look at it here.


L. Brisard.