This blog is an attempt to elucidate one of the most enigmatic and misunderstood spiritual teachers of the 20th century, Dr. George King.

Because this spiritual teacher made so many seemingly bizarre claims, people tend to write him off as the crackpot founder of a UFO religion, without even studying his background. There have been so many weird cults over the past 50 years or so that we readily dismiss anything that doesn’t fit in with orthodox religions or scientific rationale, understandably so.

We’re told by the atheists that nothing exists beyond what we can either see or scientifically measure, and that life essentially has no meaning. The world religions tell us to believe in something that, to the modern-day mind seems absurd, but maintain it will save us from ourselves, even though they have fought for centuries, in one way or another, against each other and amongst themselves, simply over a disparity of belief systems. While the contemporary priests of materialism – the marketing men – tell us that the latest iphone will make our life complete – that is, until the next one comes onto the market.

Modern technology is both a hindrance and a help, and the internet is no exception. So much information is available at our fingertips, much of it useful, yet so much of it poorly researched, and published by individuals with little or no understanding of what they’re talking about – usually coming from a particular angle, and often with an axe to grind; the price we pay for a democratic system I suppose. But I make no complaints – after all, here I am able to present years of study to the world, at the stroke of a key.

So, any information available on the internet regarding this man George King is either scant and poorly explained, or ridiculing. It seems to be the standard reaction in people to ignore or belittle anything they don’t understand. And I would suggest that all those adopting this approach regarding Dr. George King simply haven’t made a thorough study of him and his work. Because if they had, they would soon realise that he was what eastern mysticism regards as a Master of Yoga in the true sense of the term, with all the strange, so-called supernatural phenomena that is part of such an individual. And that he was indeed a channel through which beings from other worlds outside of ours spoke, however crazy that may sound to our hard-boiled, materialistic minds. And that he also imparted the most advanced spiritual teachings and practices this world has ever seen; a reiteration to some degree of the teachings of Buddha, Jesus and others, but in addition, a whole mountain of information appropriate to the modern scientific world in which we now live.

Over the following instalments of this blog, I will explain what I have discovered over the past 20 years of my research into this man, and more importantly for the sceptics, what hard evidence exists to prove the claims and concepts made by him. And ultimately to show, despite the fact that his legacy is upheld by just a handful of individuals today, that yet another great spiritual teacher, arguably the greatest Master ever to grace this world – a conveyor of information crucial to tackling mankind’s present condition and future existence – has managed to slip through the fingers of a largely ignorant, apathetic world, with complete disregard.