George King in 1959

In August 2012 a blog was posted by the BBC’s Adam Curtis regarding a programme made in 1959 by the BBC called ‘Mars and Venus speak to Earth’, which was a studio interview with a man called George King. The half hour programme included the presenter, along with two professionals on hand – a Cambridge University astronomer, Dr. Dewhurst, and a Jungian psychiatrist who remained anonymous – to make their assessments of Mr. King.

Curtis’ blog included a video of the programme, but here’s what he actually says in his blog:

To celebrate today’s successful landing on Mars I thought I would show a film of a man who claimed to have got to Mars a long time ago. He did this back in the late 1950s by communicating telepathically with the beings who inhabited the Red Planet. He also claimed that his mother went there on a UFO. And what’s more the BBC took him very seriously.

He was called George King. He was a London taxi driver who back in 1956 had a strange experience. He was washing the dishes when he heard a voice which said:

Prepare yourself. You are about to become the voice of Interplanetary Parliament.

As a result, George King founded the Aetherius Society – which still exists today. His aim was to spread the messages that he received from what he called The Space People.

In 1959 the BBC made a half hour programme about Mr King, his strange cosmic experiences and his ideas. It is one of the most wonderful, odd and touching films I have ever found in the BBC archives.

George King is allowed in the programme to describe what happened to him at length – and the interviewer takes him completely seriously. The result is extraordinary – Mr King tells how the space people have given him a name – they call him “Mental Channel No. 1”, how he has met people from Mars, Venus and Saturn and has “telepathic rapport” with them.

The interviewer then asks for proof that he really has met these people. George King says that his mother has proved it. She did this, he says, by being picked up by a UFO and then travelling through space to meet one of the people who regularly communicates with him.

So that proves that – he says.

And they then play the tape recording of his mother describing her interplanetary flight.

And then it gets weirder. The interviewer asks George King to contact – and channel – one of these beings. And he agrees. What then happens is just brilliant.

The film begins, appropriately, with Mars speaking to Earth. It ends – as all good programmes did in those days – with a Jungian consultant psychiatrist assessing George King’s claims.

Extracts of this 1959 programme crop up here and there on YouTube and elsewhere, and of course they are usually  as a source of amusement in one way or another. But however the quality and content of that programme are perceived today, it is clear that at one time the world did have an interest in this strange man George King.

Television was relatively new and seemingly naïve at the time, and you could argue that programmes were produced about any old subject going. But in 1959 the UFO phenomenon was at its height in the media and the public’s imagination. The Cold War was in full swing, and since 1945 we had proved that we were capable of completely annihilating our planet – the constant threat of nuclear war hung over us. And since the mid 1940’s the so-called ‘flying saucers’ had grabbed media attention and were making front page news. So, a man claiming to be a ‘contactee’ of beings from other worlds – who were able to fly through space in vehicles beyond our comprehension – was naturally of some interest to TV.

The aim of cult leaders and charlatan gurus is to acquire a devoted following, which often leads to fame and fortune – sometimes to a dazzling degree. But the obvious, glaring question is: if George King was a deluded cult leader of a so-called ‘UFO religion’, claiming to be the ‘channel’ through which beings from other worlds communicated to Earth, then why did he pass up his best possible opportunity – a slot on prime-time television – to draw in as many potential followers as possible?

During the interview, the presenter asks George King if he would be able to go into trance so that one of these people from space could speak through him. He agrees, and prepares to go into trance by covering up his eyes with what appear to be blacked-out eye patches, and then carrying out some deep breathing. After a few moments his head suddenly jerks back, his throat clears and a ‘voice’ with a polished English accent greets us with ‘Good evening, my dear friends’. The presenter asks who is addressing, and the voice says he is ‘known as Aetherius’. The Presenter asks where he is from, and ‘Aetherius’ says he is ‘from Venus’, and he goes on to say that he has been ‘visiting Earth for 18,000,000 years’. He also says that ‘Earth faces a certain situation, which can be described as a dangerous one, because of atomic experimentation and deviation from the spiritual laws’.

Then it gets interesting.

Presenter: Is there one single message that you would like to give us this evening? I’m afraid it must be brief – you’ll understand that.

 Aetherius: Yes. I would like to say this: if you are a Christian, then live the laws as laid down by Jesus. If you are a Buddhist, live the laws as laid down by Buddha. If you are a Hindu, then be the best Hindu. This procedure is the one true way for men of Earth to save themselves from their lower aspects.

Presenter: Thank you Aetherius very much indeed.

 Aetherius: Goodnight.

The couple of minutes that follow were somewhat bizarre and a little uncomfortable, as the presenter immediately turns to the two experts to discuss, while the camera remains on George King as his head slumps back, and then drops forward, as in a state of collapse. The other three politely ignore this strange behaviour and continue their discussion – the camera alternating between the on-going discussion and George King, who clearly seems to be in some anguish. He eventually regains his composure and is again attentive to the discussion. An accomplished act? Or a phenomenally momentous event?

The point is, if George King was a deluded crackpot or charlatan, there are many alternative announcements he could have made (as the ‘voice’ of Aetherius) to exploit his big TV moment and attract a mass following e.g. ‘Listen to George King – only he can save you. We plan to attack Earth and weed out all those who do not heed George King and they will perish’. Indeed it was impressive enough to have been invited by the BBC onto a television programme whose sole topic was him and his claims; he had a blank canvas and could have said anything he liked to draw in gullible followers.

But if you consider, with only a few moments window in which to give an important message to the world, the words of ‘Aetherius’ could not have been more profound. Imagine if you were a concerned outsider looking in on a world which, in just the first half of the 20th century, had suffered the deaths of around 150,000,000 people through two world wars and numerous other conflicts, and was now entering yet another stand-off, with weapons capable of causing Armageddon, what few words of advice would you offer to such a bloodthirsty race?

If ‘Aetherius’ was an advanced being from another world, with the technology to travel through the cosmos in vehicles we can’t even comprehend, why would he use these few moments to focus on some of our major religions and their followers? And there is no suggestion in the message that people should quit their religion and their beliefs – despite the fact that they have been corrupted and misunderstood over the centuries. In truth, on closer inspection, the major religions all have fundamentally similar teachings: love, tolerance, understanding, compassion, peace. The ‘voice’ simply says be the best you can and follow the precepts of your teachings in order to transcend the negative, destructive tendencies inherent in mankind. If all followers of religion were to do that, the world would indeed be a better place.

George King was clearly not looking for popularity. To make such extraordinary claims in front of an intellectual, scientific panel, is asking for a tough time. Adam Curtis says ‘George King is allowed to explain at length what happened to him’ – for a man to explain such experiences fully, surely it would take hours, but George King had minutes – not much of an ‘allowance’ then. His answers were very brief and to the point, without emotion, and with an air of detachment. He made no attempt to defend himself in any way from the comments made by the two guests – in fact he placed himself directly in the firing line. In the eyes of most people this would seem crazy. So why did he bother?

If George King was a crackpot cult leader pretending to act out a trance state in an attempt to entice devotees, what was the point of deferring to mainstream religions and making an appeal to their followers? And isn’t it odd how the collective brain power of the intellectuals sitting opposite George King in the studio managed to overlook this most crucial point? If the ‘voice of Aetherius’ was really an extraterrestrial intelligence speaking through a medium, then this message had to be the main purpose of George King agreeing to appear on the programme. Or, there was no purpose, and George King really was crazy, and completely aimless. It’s one or the other. But then we could make the point that extra-terrestrials and spaceships don’t exist – as all men of science would agree – so it had to be all a hoax. But more on that point later.

Adam Curtis, like many others before him, had an easy time deriding claims that, on the surface, seem utterly ridiculous in the light of our present scientific dogma, and worthy of some light-hearted ribbing. But, as is always the case, we berate anything we don’t understand or fear. Perhaps the claims of George King might have been more credible if he had been a politician, a TV celebrity, or an Oxford University professor. I think not. Whatever his background, any claims outside of scientific understanding are always met with disparagement.

There are so many deluded people in the world peddling all kinds of claims and theories, we would be fools if we believed them all, and it can be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff – most of us simply don’t have the time, or the inclination. So we label it all as absurd, laugh at it, then forget about it. But making an assessment of George King in the way Adam Curtis did, is like dropping in to the cinema to watch three seconds of a film, and then leaving, thinking you know what that film was all about.

To our grossly conditioned thinking, George King simply falls into one of two categories: a crackpot crank, of which there are many – or a genius beyond our comprehension, of which there are virtually none. Two famous quotations come to mind here:  E.F. Schumacher’s “Cranks cause revolutions” and Rabbi Shlomo Riskin’s “When you’re one step ahead of the crowd, you’re a genius. When you’re two steps ahead, you’re a crackpot”. Where George King is concerned, it’s essential to take a closer look if we want the truth. The story of this man is truly colossal and enigmatic, and his assertions challenge and transcend much of what we think we know – about ourselves, our beliefs, our world, and indeed the cosmos.

Anybody listening to one of the hundreds of talks and lectures given by George King throughout his life – often on subjects which have remained misunderstood or inexplicable – could be in no doubt as to his knowledge and ability to present rationally and comprehensibly, and at the same time often prove to be profoundly enlightening; the magnitude of which can often take some time to sink in. He knew only too well that much of the information he imparted would be difficult for many people to swallow, which is probably why he often remarked that people shouldn’t take his word for things, but find out for themselves. And my own research into his life and work over many years has consistently corroborated with other studies.

George King did indeed work as a taxi driver at one time to support himself financially as a young man living in London; this fact is often used by those intent on mockery because the juxtaposition of taxi driver and ‘voice of Inter-Planetary Parliament’ works effectively to get a laugh. This London taxi driver had also worked as a farm hand in his youth; he saw active service with the London fire brigade during the blitz; he was a crew member of a boat involved in the Dunkirk evacuation of 1940; worked for an oil company after the war; raced motorcycles and cars in hill-climb events; he worked as a chauffeur, and also had a spell as a test-driver for Jaguar cars, as his abilities as a driver were considered to be outstanding.

But these worldly capabilities have little or nothing to do with his extra-ordinary claims which attracted the critical interest in the first place. The scientists and the media have all missed the crucial point – have made a monumental oversight. In fact the entire world has virtually walked by this giant mountain without even noticing it. The extra-terrestrial aspect is really only the tip of the iceberg – it is the spiritual and mystical which lie at the base of this entire story, and without these everything concerned with George King’s claims has little credibility.  It explains how this Englishman pursued an ancient and precarious path more common to certain aspirants of the East, and which ultimately led to abilities way beyond the comprehension of our so-called modern, 21st century world. But the words spiritual and mystical are a turn-off for most people in western society today,  harking back to some hippy ethos, or the modern-day so-called new age pick-and-mix philosophy; the religious see spiritual as heretical, and science sees it as meaningless fairy tales – unscientific. But the difference between George King and other spiritual teachers is that he regarded it all as scientific – metaphysical; just a different branch of science and philosophy that we are all yet to get properly acquainted with.

What Science Doesn’t Yet Understand About The Human Body

Science has done so much for our understanding of the human body, of that there is no doubt. But, because of its restrictive approach in determining what it regards as pseudo-science, it remains ignorant about many as yet undetectable elements of the human body, which mysticism has known of for thousands of years; the greatest secrets are yet to be discovered by ‘conventional’ science, and they will remain secret if scientists persist in maintaining such a blinkered approach.

Consciousness is a hotly debated topic among scientists and philosophers, and has been for a very long time. But still, nobody can pin it down. Though with the theories of Quantum Physics science has edged closer to an understanding of it. In the brilliant book ‘Space-Time and Beyond’ first published in 1975 (a favourite of theoretical physicist Professor Jim Al-Khalili) Bob Toben and Fred Alan Wolf speculate with theoretical physicists – using simple hand-drawn diagrams – on the nature of consciousness and try ‘to connect the wisdom of thousands of years of spiritual thought with the most recent theories of quantum physics… to reach toward an explanation of the unexplainable’. Bob Toben says in his foreword: ‘Paths are opening that will allow us to break out of our circle of limited awareness. Consciousness is the totality beyond space-time – what may in essence be the real “I”. We have come to know that consciousness and energy are one; that all of space-time is constructed by consciousness; that our normal perception of reality is a composite of an indefinite number of universes in which we coexist; and that what we perceive as ourselves is only the localized  projection of the totality of our true selves’.

The bottom line here is – and science is fully aware of this – that what we perceive as reality is simply an illusion; ancient knowledge which is now corroborated by quantum theory. Yet science still will not accept the ancient wisdom of mysticism, even though physicist Professor Brian Cox remarked on a recent TV programme that ‘scientists are interested in mysticism’. And why? Because science and mysticism now overlap in many ways. And yet, we talk of these two branches as separate, when in truth they are one – both scientific.

And so, rather than remain in ignorance like Adam Curtis and so many before him, it is crucial to shed light on the background of Dr. George King, and to understand something of what this term ‘Master of Yoga’ actually means – it is the basis of the whole story.

Chakras Image 3

The illustration shown above is an 18th century scroll from Rajasthan. It depicts certain aspects of the human body which are invisible to the human eye, yet have been known of for thousands of years. But to most of us this fact means nothing, we would just dismiss it as fantasy. The fact is, these are some of the most important aspects to understand when we begin the quest to find out who we are, what we are, what we’re doing here, and ultimately, where we’re going. And every human on Earth is faced with these questions at some point.

Ancient writings such as the Upanishads and the Vedas – colossal and complex texts from India – were sacred manuals for spiritual aspirants in pursuit of certain mystical goals. The painting is an illustration of what in Sanskrit is known as the ‘Chakras’ – a term which is quite common in the west today in most new age and spiritual terminology – you don’t have to look far today to find a modern diagram depicting the Chakras amongst the mass of mind, body, spirit sections in bookshops. But not one single book will explain exactly what these Chakras are and what their purpose is.


In fact the concept of Chakras was first introduced to the West in the early 20th century by Sir John Woodroffe, a translator of ancient Sanskrit texts, and also by the Theosophists from that era, such as Charles LeadBeater, Madame Blavatsky and Alice Bailey. But these explanations are always excruciatingly verbose – none of them, not even the ancient texts themselves, give a clearer explanation than that of Dr. George King. Modern descriptions are academic, but that of Dr. George King’s was evidently empirical.

Dr. King explained that these seven Chakras are the main psychic centres of the human body, but by no means the only psychic centres. In a lecture devoted to the subject he said:

If they were visible to the human eye they would look a bit like large flowers, such as the Lotus, extending on stems from the spinal column. They are in truth vortices of energy – like whirlpools. The centres look like water containing many colours, swirling down a plug hole, but moving at tremendous velocity. These vortices exist within the aura, or auric envelope of man – the subtle counter-part of the physical body. All living things – even all things – have an aura, a subtle counter-part, like an energy field which is still physical, but of much finer matter that we can’t see it, and is often termed the astral body.

The purpose of these Chakras, or psychic centres, is the exchange of energies; everything is a form of energy, and everything is Mind or consciousness. Psychologists think that the brain is the Mind – but Mind is something out there – is everything – the brain is simply a translating instrument for this information. Scientists may ask how Mind gets from out there all around us into the brain, apart from the usual physical senses; the ancient Yogi’s knew that it was through the psychic centres. But over thousands of years these psychic centres have become virtually blocked up in normal man, and there is only a trickle of energy getting through; enough to sustain us at the basic functioning level, but little more.

We have two physical bodies – the physical and the auric. And two nervous systems – the physical and the subtle. There is no English term for the subtle nervous system, so we use the Sanskrit word Nadis, and there are around 242,000 of these subtle nerves in the auric counterpart of the body.

People who demonstrate certain ‘supernatural’ abilities, such as seeing discarnate entities, may have certain centres functioning better than most people, for various reasons. And when we sense something intuitively, or receive great inspiration from seemingly nowhere, this can be the result of a centre operating more than usual. But overall, mankind is closed to these aspects. George King said:

It is the birthright of man that the ‘subtle eyes’ of man be opened up, and to those who begin to open the psychic centres, there is a whole new world of information and activity available. In essence it is about opening these centres and controlling the energy that flows in and out of them. If these floodgates are working fully and correctly, Man can see the subtle planes; if a person is ailing; if he will ail; what he was in past lives. The Seer has all the vortices of power, or Chakras, working correctly and in unison, and can tap all levels of Mind.

It is essential to life that these main psychic centres function to a small degree – if they didn’t, we wouldn’t exist. And there are many reasons why these centres are virtually blocked up. But how to claim our ‘birthright’ and open up these centres fully is a very big subject. However, because of a deep understanding through his own experiences, George King was able to elaborate on this subject, and more importantly, like nobody had ever done before him. But more about that later.

The Primal Energy and the whole purpose of life

The illustration of the 18th century scroll above also attempts to depict another fundamental aspect of the human body of which mainstream science still remains unaware, but which Dr. King termed ‘The Primal Energy’: the energy which animates life – the energy that operates constantly every moment of our life, yet all the while lies in an almost dormant state. But when released in its fullest form, has the potential to entirely transform, or destroy. There is no western name for this energy, but for centuries it has been known in Sanskrit as Kundalini.

The word itself translates as ‘coiled-up’, which is why it is often referred to in ancient writings as a snake or serpent. And it resides at the very base of the spine in every human being. Though as yet there have been no mainstream scientific endeavours to detect it, it manifests itself in our every movement – from the lifting of our little finger to running a marathon.

A huge amount has been said, and written about, this seemingly mysterious force over many centuries. But it’s only in the last hundred years or so that the West has become aware of it, and nowadays writings on the subject are ubiquitous and usually mislead. Some authors describe experiences that may well be genuine, but in truth are simply minor distractions and phenomena on the long arduous route to the summit – Enlightenment.

One particular well established organization is the Institute For Consciousness Research. Its website speaks with some authority on Kundalini, and stresses the point that this force needs to be scientifically studied. All very encouraging. But the bottom line is that this organization is based on the writings and experiences of Gopi Krishna – an Indian man who had remarkable experiences with the energy of Kundalini, and wrote at great length about these experiences in his book Kundalini – The Evolutionary Energy In Man; an excellent and often terrifying account of how wrong it can all go if procedures are not carried out correctly. This organization is yet another that believes it has the truth about Kundalini, and says on its website: ‘Gopi Krishna is widely recognized as having done more to advance our understanding of Kundalini than anyone else in modern times. He has put this amazing aspect of our nature in a logical, consistent and scientific light, and presented us with a new understanding of the goal of evolution, both as individuals and as a species’. This organization is somewhat misinformed, and bases itself on the experiences of a spiritual aspirant who did an excellent job in drawing the attention of the west to this unknown energy in man, but actually failed in his attempt to reach the summit, and failed to fully understand and explain Kundalini.

Regarding a full understanding and explanation of Kundalini, George King stands supreme – this may sound an exaggeration, but it is well-founded. And the Institute For Consciousness Research would do well to take note. Of all the books ever written, and information available across the internet today, there is no simpler or scientific an explanation of Kundalini than that given by Dr. George King. And this is what he says in a recorded lecture delivered in America in the 1970’s:

What is the significance of these? [the psychic centres] Why have this tremendous energy? Well, we know that we react to outside impulses through our nervous system – through our so-called senses. You may have also heard that there is such a thing as a sixth sense. Now, we have heard many, many times of cases of people having a sixth sense – something above the normal five senses. Well, there are a lot more senses than even a sixth sense. But I believe there are at least nine senses which man possesses. There are four more senses than normal materialistic man is aware of – at least that. And there are possibly more. We also know that in our lives we have before now become aware of things, possibly before they happen, possibly while they are happening in another part of the world. And we have had premonitions. We have even seen and spoken to people who have lived on earth and passed on. We have seen what are commonly called ghosts. We have spoken to such apparitions. We have also been aware, many times, of telepathy.

When mankind made a great cyclotron to split the atom, he was only copying a part of his body. Some of the wisest advice ever given to man at any time, was given by the ancients when they said that there is nothing outside; you cannot invent, or think into being, or bring into being any single invention, whether it’s a motor car, or a telephone exchange, a great ocean liner, or a, helicopter – not one single invention that is not a copy of one of the organs of your body. I defy you – I defy the whole of the world – to bring forth one invention that is not a copy of some internal bodily organ. You can’t do it – it isn’t possible for you.

A cyclotron is plain and simple a copy of the spinal column. And at the bottom of the spinal column there is an atom, or even two or three atoms of substance. And that substance is known by many names. We prefer the name, I think, Kundalini. Call it the serpent power, call it the primeval force – whatever you like, it doesn’t matter what you call it at all. And it’s there at the bottom of the spine, radiating energy which travels up through the spine – through the subtle nervous centres, as well as along the nerve sheaths. And it reacts with other energies coming into the body, and the result of this reaction is various physical movements. For instance, without using the power of Kundalini I could not speak, neither could I blink the eyes, neither could I swallow etc. Even though this is the case, in most men – in the vast majority – this is dormant.

If you got together one atom of substance – shall we say an atom of Radium. And supposing you could do this, and you left it for ten thousand years, it will continue radiating energy – radioactivity – for ten thousand years – two million years – until it has finished. And the result of this radiation would be lead. This is one way that scientists work out the age of the earth, by the way – by the lead deposits on the earth – the lead which at one time was Radium. And when all the radioactivity has been given off, it leaves this inert mass which we call lead. Supposing you released this energy – not over two million years, but in ten seconds – what would happen? You would have such a force that it would be tremendous.

The hydrogen bomb is a similar force to what we are talking about, only with the hydrogen bomb the rays which come off are deadly to mankind. With the atoms of this mysterious power called Kundalini, they are not deadly to mankind, but are the very life of mankind. Supposing that the Kundalini within your spine, instead of radiating for thousands of years, or even millions of years, which it will in one way or another – either in the physical or subtle spine – supposing the energy is released at once. And, unlike the hydrogen bomb, which is uncontrolled, supposing it released and controlled – what happens? Jesus, Buddha, Sankara, Patanjali, Confucious, and so on, and so on. The few Great Ones, standing, towering above the majority of mankind – millions of years ahead of the masses. The difference? A split up of these atoms and the control of resultant power released.

So we split these atoms and the Kundalini is raised up the spine. Again, what happens? As it comes through each psychic centre in turn, that centre comes into its own, and it begins to function. And great energy is drawn into the body, and pushed out from the body. Tremendous energies. Powers come: clairvoyance, psychometry, telepathy, projection, and so on, and so on. Then, it’s controlled again, and the powers are rejected, which they have to be – that’s the great temptation – and then again it’s risen to the next psychic centre,and the powers come higher still, and so on, until it reaches the Christ centre. And you can leave the earth whenever you wish. You are now a Great Master.

This is an unprecedented description of Kundalini which supersedes anything that has ever been said or written about it before. George King describes it – almost scientifically – from his own experience – arduous practises undertaken over many years – the result being his achievement of ‘Enlightenment’ – that grossly misunderstood word talked about by many but rarely understood. And the part about the energy being released in one go with the result being Masters like Jesus and others, will sound utterly bizarre to most people, and tantamount to gross heresy in the eyes of the Christian church. But I’ll explain that a little later. He goes on to say:

Kundalini herself is situated at the base of the spine, where the great magnetic vortex is. And to get up to the top it must travel through Sushumna – it cannot travel any other way. [George King once explained that ‘Sushumna’ (a sanskrit word) is an actual channel in the spine about 100th the thickness of a human hair which stretches the length of the spine from the base to the brain] As it comes up, it burns up certain wrong attributes of mankind. Because through here (the psychic centres) these are all brains – and through these vortexes of power, certain aspects of mind enter. Mind doesn’t just enter at the head, it enters at the psychic centres, which are different frequencies of mind. And as Kundalini comes up the spine, so your brain – this part of your brain (the head) becomes more sensitized, so that you can tune into higher frequencies of Mind. That’s why it gives you illumination.

It’s rather like having a wireless set in a huge box, and put just a few valves here, and a little circuit in this corner – all the rest of it you don’t bother with. And you plug it in and get the station two miles down the road, but no other station Then you start to experiment, and you begin to activate and use the rest of the cabinet – or if the cabinet has been used, you replace the dud valves. Get your soldering iron, join the circuits together, and soon, what have you? A huge great wireless set which will tune into Australia, China – and even hear the Russian opinion of the United States of America. There you have your wireless.

You see, it’s like the brain. Normal man is only using an infinitesimal portion of that tremendous, vibrant receiving set that he has up there. Why? Because he hasn’t activated the rest of the hundreds of millions of cells, and he can only do that by bringing Kundalini up. And when Kundalini comes up, in one way or another – through service – or any other way, it gives to man the whole of this great receiving set, so he can tune into the higher aspects of Mind – translate them and understand them.

That is the limitation of mankind you know. In this room now are all the answers to all our questions. Without bringing another thing into this room, there is all knowledge in the very space around us. What stops us getting it? Our receiving sets are not sensitive enough to tune into it and get it. That’s all that stops us. But if we raise Kundalini and activate the psychic centres, as she comes up, as I say, these basic centres – they activate and then they wilt, and gradually the whole of our energy is coming up higher and higher, until it fires the brain. And what happens? Then man becomes illumined. Why? Because he tunes into all the aspects of Mind, which is an energy of different frequencies outside of the physical body.

When you have this picture in your mind, that Mind substance is like the gas we breath – it’s all about, it’s everywhere – in fact it’s more that the gas we breath – it goes through everything – all mass; nothing could exist without it. It permeates all things, does this vast sea of Mind – and in it are all frequencies. And it’s up to mankind which frequency he tunes into. He can tune into the higher frequencies by the activation, in one way or another, of the psychic centres, because they are the trapdoors – the vortices of power, which allow the higher frequencies of Mind to enter.

This has got to be the most simply put and easily understandable description of the so-called mysterious aspects of Man ever given. It blows away in one go all the elaborating and deliberation of centuries to give us something that seems almost absurdly simple. In fact most seekers would probably dismiss it because it is so simple; mankind’s inherent inclination to complicate everything.

And then he continues:

That’s the theory of it. Now, how is it done? Well, there are many ways of doing this – numerous ways. In fact, all religion, without realizing it, leads to just this one thing, because there isn’t any greater truth than this. This is the basis of all religions. It’s the point where it’s going to go. The people who started the religions – if they were adepts in Yoga, like Jesus, for instance – they knew this. But their teachings have been horribly warped. The Buddha knew this, and so did the other great sages throughout the ages. And there are many other practises to. In fact all learning is a step towards this. All experience leads to this one culmination of mankind – to the true spiritual birth of Man. And there are many, many practises which lead to this – some of them extremely dangerous. Strangely enough those are the most potent practises. By dangerous I mean mentally dangerous – you can become mad – you can get incurable diseases, you can become paralysed for life.

What will happen when the Kundalini rises? You will feel like hell. When this great female force – referred to in the ancient books as the Goddess – when she starts to move, what she must do first, is to physically burn away the covering of the small opening in the spinal column. And when the covering – which has sealed her in – when she begins to burn this away, you will feel some of the greatest pain you have ever felt in your life. And you will have great heat. It will be like a physical white hot needle that has been pushed into the spine. You won’t be able to scream out because your speech will be gone. And then when this beginning has been started, what you will attempt to do – and if you don’t, woe betide you – is to control her rise, and when she gets to the Sex Centre, stop it. And you will have a sexual yearning like you have never dreamt possible within man – you will want to go stark raving mad. But, as well as this, you will see and become aware of many, many things around you. You will have a tremendous feeling for mankind. You will want to cry bitter tears. And you will know then what Jesus felt like when he wept tears of blood for mankind. Such will be your great compassion for mankind. – and you will feel it. And you won’t have any enemies in the world, as far as you are concerned, because virtually your Love – the sexual impulse – will be transmuted into something higher. And you will love the whole world in such a way that you will be greatly saddened by the way man is beating himself in the way that he is doing.

And then, after such experience as this, when she rises, either further at the same time, or at another time, through the Solar Plexus Centre, you will feel great powers. And you will have the powers – you will be able to see far. You will be able to expand your consciousness and become aware of many, many things that you were not aware of before. You will be able to, as it were, move within yourself, and see your own Aura. And move outside of yourself, and watch your body in a state of trance. When you move in the body again, you will do this and will become aware of the spine beginning to pulsate, and you will begin to shake. And it will be so bad that you will want to scream out, because the whole of your nerves – the whole of your brain matter – will be jarred by this tremendous vibration. And you’ll feel terrible, agonizing pain – from the waist down it will be numb – paralysed – be incapable of movement. Any of the illnesses which you’ve had in this part of the body will be brought up here, and they will be concentrated in the Solar Plexus. And you’ll wish to God you’d never heard of Kundalini, or trying to do it. But, the reward will be clairaudience. You will be able to hear people talking on other planes who have died – twenty, fifty, two hundred, two thousand years ago. And you’ll be able to cut out most of the conversation you’ll hear and tune into a particular one. And you will gradually become aware of the intersection of the planes – the physical plane intersecting with the so-called astral planes.

And then you pull her further. And when she comes to the Heart Centre, all physical feeling from there down will be completely void. You will be still. You won’t be able to physically move because you are paralyzed. And when she come into the Heart Centre, the heart begins to pound – and it pounds the blood in the heart to such an extent that the tiny capillaries are swollen, and they press against the brain membrane. And you’ll wish again you’d never heard of it. But, you see, all the time, what are you doing? You are getting your Karmic pattern into a certain state. And your Karma demands that you suffer – a little pain for a long time, or a terrible, agonizing pain for a short time. And you’re beginning to manipulate Karma. And you put up with your throbbing head, and the fact that you’re losing your eyesight – the fact that you’ve lost your sense of smell, and you can’t swallow, even though your throat’s on fire – you put up with this. Although a lot of people get frightened here, and they struggle hard to put the Kundalini back, and they put it back too quickly, or they lodge too much in the Solar Plexus centre as it goes down, and they go mad. And this is where bravery is essential. You have to be brave to receive Enlightenment – which has never been said in the religions – this has not been mentioned before.

You now have the powers to move anywhere at will. You can levitate the physical body, and stand and watch it float around the room. And when you bring the Kundalini up to the Throat Centre, the heart stops beating – this is death – but conscious death. And you will have powers beyond your wildest imagination. You will have a feeling of compassion for mankind that you never dreamt possible. You will be able to tune in and become one with the great Cosmic symphony. And when you raise Kundalini further up, you will enter the gates of true Enlightenment, and become one with all things. And you will see your true relationship with all things.’

There’s no getting away from the fact that George King’s description here is pretty terrifying; it’s a far cry from the religious pursuits of the hymn-singers on a Sunday morning, and sounds more akin to the madmen who attempt to summit Mount Everest, or reach the South pole on foot. If it’s not madness, then it’s bravery that seems to be one of the basic requirements for such an endeavour, and George King talks at length about the necessity for bravery on the spiritual path in the book The Nine Freedoms.

But what’s really important in this extract from his lecture is that all experience of mankind ultimately leads to this one point – Enlightenment. He said many times that there is nothing outside of this. All experience of life, or lives – all religious or spiritual following – everything – leads to this point. People ask what the point of life here on Earth is. Why are we here? What’s the purpose? Atheists will tell you that ultimately there is no point. Most people never even consider it, until a time of struggle or crisis in their lives. But now we can answer anybody who poses this question. This is THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF LIFE – of many lives – to reach this point. But when we reach it – how quickly we get there – is up to us, each individual. And this is a huge subject, because there are many, many paths, methods, hurdles, and a great deal to understand – which come from lives of experience. And this article is not about the philosophies, although I deal with some aspects of the hidden difficulties and problems of the world in my other article (click here).

Spiritual Enlightenment is often talked about glibly. The internet is full of simplistic notions of what it is and how it is achieved – often by people who claim to have achieved this state. But you can bet your bottom dollar that none of them have. True, they may have experienced certain phenomena outside of normality which are just part of the very early stages of the path. But the actual reaching the summit of the mountain is said to be indescribable, so how can one describe it? An individual attaining that state is altered forever, and returning back to the ordinary world would be a little like a university professor being forced to go back to kindergarten.

The most famous story of the attainment of Spiritual Enlightenment is of course that of Siddhartha Gautama – known as the Buddha – around 2,500 years ago. But even historians and theologians talk simplistically about Buddha ‘receiving’ Enlightenment while sitting under a tree meditating, knowing little or nothing of what this actually means. George King gives an even more detailed and poetic description of his experience of the attainment of Enlightenment and Cosmic Consciousness in the book The Nine Freedoms, but he says that Paramahansa Yogananda gave a superb description of his experience, which surpasses anything Shakespeare could have written on the subject, had he been in a position to do so.


Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952)

It has long been known among mystics that there are many paths and methods that lead ultimately to Spiritual Enlightenment. And the word ‘Yoga’ is usually associated with Spiritual Enlightenment, even though most people, particularly in the west, think of Yoga as a physical pursuit aimed at keeping the physical body healthy, supple and relaxed. This Sanskrit word actually translates as ‘Yoke’, and in Hinduism means harnessing oneself to ‘God’ – seeking ‘Union with God’. Therefore any path to knowledge of ‘God’ can be called Yoga, ( I elaborate on what is meant by ‘God’ in my other article – click here ) but Hinduism has many names for the different Yogic paths that may be taken by individual seekers. And those most known in the west today are:

Hatha Yoga: aimed at physical health and purification; Mantra Yoga: repetition of a holy mantra; Bhakti Yoga: devotion, love of God, surrender to the guru, Master, or chosen deity; Karma Yoga: selfless action; Jnana Yoga: the way of knowledge, leading to God through intellectual analysis; Raja Yoga: (the Royal Yoga) practise of certain steps as presented by the Great Master Patanjali; Kundalini Yoga: (Tantra Yoga) the full awakening of the energy at the base of the spine.

But, because ‘Yoga’ is an eastern word, most regard it as a purely eastern practise, when in actual fact it can be applied to anyone undertaking certain actions e.g. a Christian routinely attending church is practising Yoga; a Jew studying holy texts is practising Yoga; a Muslim praying in a mosque is practising Yoga; an atheist putting himself out in order to help others is practising Yoga. And ultimately, all this Yoga has but one aim – Spiritual Enlightenment. And Spiritual Enlightenment involves the primal force of Kundalini.

The analogy of climbing a mountain is an appropriate one. George King stated that there are many routes to this state called Enlightenment – some very long and easier, others short but extremely hard, and even dangerous; the gentler, time-consuming path, or the sheer face straight to the summit, but with huge risk. When he talks of easier and longer, it is in terms of not just years and decades, but lifetimes – many incarnations (a subject I also discuss in my other article – click here); a relentless spiritual quest through subsequent lives, resulting in the stimulation and more natural, unforced rising of this primal energy at the base of the spine. Though the shorter route still amounts to many years of extreme and disciplined arduous daily practises.

This slower route to the summit was the path advocated by George King for the mass of mankind, because he knew only too well that most people do not have what it takes to attempt the shorter, harder route. But more importantly, he knew that the world is in such need of transformation that it’s now more necessary for people to expend energy in the service of others than to hide themselves away from the world in a personal quest for enlightenment. He often emphasized that the days of asceticism are over, because mankind has reached a point where his own existence is at stake, and that other factors are now determining what is necessary. Basically, we have come to the end of the party.

Karma is a subject I discuss at greater length in my other article (click here), but George King is probably the only Master who explained it in such an accessible way for all to grasp. One major point he often stressed was that this universal force could be manipulated by anyone. We all carry a certain amount of baggage with us – the negative karma accumulated over many lifetimes. Religious people believe we can be forgiven our wrong doings – our sins – but they are gravely mistaken. There is simply negative karma that has to be burnt up, and George King explained that by expending energy in the unselfish service of others – in the many ways that can be done – is one sure way of burning up our negative karma – shedding our baggage. Not only does this help us, but it helps everybody else too.

However, that doesn’t include the usual help and attention given to friends and family, which is only to be expected in a normal human being. It means help to the stranger, and those we may not necessarily even like. In fact the more difficult we find it – the more resistance we may feel in carrying out an altruistic act – the greater the manipulation, the greater the burning up of negative Karma. This relates directly to the ascetic suffering in a cave, in the wilderness – going through austerity in order to burn up negative karma, and to focus on the goal of enlightenment.


St. Teresa of Avila by Rubens

Indeed there is plenty of evidence throughout history to illustrate individuals taking the longer path. The 16th century Roman Catholic Spanish mystic Saint Teresa of Avila is a prime example. The writings of this western Saint about her mystical experiences echo very much that of the eastern ascetic. But, just like the Yogi’s of the east, she experienced bodily levitation, to such a degree that she had to be physically held down by others during these ecstatic states. In those times there is no way she could have known about the practises of the Yogis and Swamis of the east and the paranormal phenomena that accompanied the advanced stages of their practises. It is clear that only through lifetimes of service, devotion and whatever else she may have done, this advanced stage in her evolution was the result of burning up negative karma to such a degree that she was moving ever closer to the ultimate goal of Enlightenment; though if you made this comparison to the Roman Catholic church, they would strongly deny a connection with one of ‘their Saints’ and the Indian Yogi’s.


Therese Neumann (1898 – 1962)

Therese Neumann of Bavaria is another example of a western Christian mystic displaying a phenomenon comparable to that of an eastern aspirant. Famous for the phenomenon of stigmata, she also developed the ability to live without food for most of her life, despite appearing to be well nourished; a well-known phenomenon among ascetics and swamis of the east, and one that has on occasion been observed by baffled western medics; writings about eastern ascetics describe nourishment coming from the pranic energy which exists all around us, and from a nectar which forms in the back of the throat. Paramahansa Yogananda visited Therese Neumann during his visit to Europe in the 1930’s and devoted an entire chapter to her in his famous book Autobiography of a Yogi.

George King explained that the longer, easier route to the summit may not be as attractive to spiritual aspirants eager to make headway, but it is a much surer way of reaching the ultimate goal of Enlightenment; Kundalini will rise in unforced fashion, in a more natural way. Although he encouraged all aspirants to seek the longer route, he didn’t discourage anyone from attempting the shorter route – it is their choice – but he did explain the very grave dangers involved; dangers which could not only physically and mentally disable a person in this life, but also for subsequent lives. And he had severe criticism for the self-styled guru’s who offer the seeker lessons in certain extreme practises such as Kundalini Yoga. He said that these individuals were committing a crime by not only misleading people, but also taking them down routes which put them in serious danger.

Indeed, many westerners are easily fooled and drawn in by the exotic, dark-skinned guru with the long flowing beard and robes; take Maharishi Mahesh for instance, who brought the so-called Transcendental Meditation technique to the west, and became the personal guru to the rich and famous. Transcendental Meditation may have become a positive, helpful practise for many westerners, and this little Indian guru evidently had some abilities, bringing considerable spiritual wisdom to thousands of people throughout the world over many years. But despite all this, and contrary to what his followers may have believed at the time, he was no Master; he had not reached the heights and attained the goal of Enlightenment, and a love of luxury was one his traits that betrayed this fact.

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh was another famous Indian guru who brought a somewhat different message to hoards of spiritual seekers, which resulted in his amassing a personal fortune and a fleet of Rolls Royce cars; as a con-man trickster he was a true master.

Genuine Masters – Yogi Adepts – who have taken it upon themselves to try to educate the world – are rarely popular in their own time. Because, having reached the heights and seen it all as it really is, their message is sometimes very advanced for the times, a sobering one, and not always what the masses really want to hear. To be popular means offering a diffused, hazy version of reality that is more attractive to spiritual seekers. A genuine Yogi Master sees wealth and materialism for what it is, and has long relinquished all desires, likes and dislikes. His life is lived in a modest, even spartan fashion – his material needs are minimal because there are more important things to be concerned with.

Today, across the internet, there are plenty of guru’s offering the path to Enlightenment – in exchange for a large chunk of dollars. Take for example the so-called Kundalini Research Institute, which, like a school, takes its students through a set plan of stages in order to become teachers of Kundalini Yoga “as taught by Yogi Bhajan” – and who adopt the garb of the Indian Sikh.

An extract from the website description says: “In the ancient tradition that is yoga, Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® (note registered trade mark) is a householder path; that is, it has always been practiced by those with families and jobs as opposed to a renunciate’s path of celibacy and removal from society, which was the usual path of a yogi.” 

These are precisely the words that attract spiritual seekers in their hordes to a guru – a path with all the hard truths removed. Indeed Kundalini Yoga can be pursued by those with jobs and families, provided the time and space can be found to do so, but to hint that celibacy is unnecessary is a complete corruption of the facts – an out and out lie. This organization may be helping aspirants in their spiritual journey and teaching certain useful techniques, but to claim it is teaching Kundalini Yoga is actually fraudulent, because celibacy is a prerequisite for the practise of Kundalini Yoga – the very first, and probably the biggest hurdle on the long route to the summit.

Here is what George King had to say about it in a recorded lecture from the 1970’s:

Thousands of years ago the ancients recognized the fact that there was a fluid – they said it was in the spine – and they referred to this fluid in the Sanskrit term of Ojas. And they made a very definite statement based upon very definite findings; they said: whosoever does not control the flow of this fluid will not get Enlightenment. And this is quite categorical – it’s not may not get – it’s will not get. Undoubtedly, the first step, the first major step in all forms of Enlightenment, is a strict control of what we call the sex impulse.

You may say, well, could I be married and gain Enlightenment? The answer to this question is yes, you could providing you used sex, shall we put it that way, in its right place. Now, man likes to think of himself as being so much above the animals, but in his sex life, he isn’t above the animals – in fact he’s below them. Read any book on natural history that gives you some idea of the sex habits of animals, and you will find that they come together for procreation of the race. It’s a natural thing with them – it’s a natural instinct. And in fact in most animals – in most wild animals – it is one of the only reasons that they do it. In some domestic animals they seem to have copied man a little bit, and they seem to indulge in this for pleasure. But, however, the animals seem to put this in its rightful place. And we should do the same if we want to gain Enlightenment. And it’s purely and simply up to us as to how far we want to go in our metaphysics – whether we want to make them a practical thing, or leave them as just theory. This is the individual choice of every man, and it is his right of course to have a choice in this respect.

But I will say that somewhere down the line, you will be faced with this choice. And somewhere down the line, you will possibly have the strength and wisdom to make it correctly. And when you do, you will find that you will have greater experiences than you had before. Why is this? It’s no good just telling people that it’s best to do this, that or the other without trying to give them some reasonable explanation as to why it should be.

In the west, in our metaphysical studies, we seem to have omitted entirely the basis of all metaphysics – the basis of all metaphysical studies. In fact all physical action and all mental action is depicted by the ancient skeletal drawing of the man with the seven psychic centres in the spine. We can’t get away from this – this is the basis of all religion – all philosophical thought, and indeed all thought; it’s the beginning and our end on this earth; it’s the lowest of the low, and the highest of the high. So, we cannot hope to control the great power of Kundalini until we have controlled certain basic elements of ourselves – until we have learnt to control the certain lower centres. It is no good – and no man can do it successfully – trying to jump to the heart centre until he has the sex and the solar plexus centres controlled. If he does, somewhere down the line something will hold him back.

From a purely physical point of view, control of this fluid is extremely valuable. The average married man loses a tremendous amount of blood – more so in man than woman – by the secretion of this energy. It is equal to at least fifteen times its weight in pure blood alone – a tremendous dissipation of energy. Energy is not only lost by the man in this respect, it is also lost by the woman. The effect of such an energy dissipation is usually a feeling of more contentment and a feeling of greater relaxation after such intimacy. But this feeling of contentment and relaxation can be brought about in other ways which do not necessarily result in the wastage of so much blood equivalent. When a force like this is put upon the human body by the male or female – but especially the male – it means that certain glands, cells and so on – have to work overtime in order to make up this sudden blood deficiency. Those of us who have studied animals have seen some animals fall into a faint for a short time after intimacy has taken place. A common rabbit will fall over on its side and lay there gasping. Even a bull, which is a tremendously strong animal, will be very greatly affected by being put together with a dam in season. If it affects a strong wild animal to this extent, it affects also a man. And possibly mankind saps more of his energy in this way than almost any other single way.

During close contact between man and woman, if this is pure in every way during this contact, man gives to woman a certain energy. And the whole thing has a certain natural balance, even though both of them are extremely depleted in health. But if is for the best motive – that is the propagation of the race (and that should be the only possible motive and not for the relief of common passion) – then the effort is no doubt worth it; you are registering your willingness to help another soul into the classroom of this life, and also to stand by it, until such a time as it’s able to look after itself. And this in itself is something which, in our present evolution on this Earth, is necessary, and something which is good, and something which can be a spiritual undertaking. But that being the only motive.

Now, if sex was put in its place – the same place the common animal puts it in – the first thing we would notice of course, throughout the world, would be the tremendous drop in the crime rate. The next thing we would notice would be the tremendous drop in the sale of all potent medicines, iron tonics and what have you. And the next thing we would notice would be the sudden rise in health. We would notice some side effects, which would not be so good too. One would be, possibly, tremendously raised tempers, and so on. But after a time, these would be controlled, and then mankind – womankind – would get down to not only talking theoretically about metaphysics, as he is doing at the moment, but also some real, good, definite practise. He would then be able to have his great, deep, mystic states. I’ll go so far as to say this: not one in a million who has dissipated energy through sexual impulse has ever really experienced the deeper states of meditation. So therefore, if man was in this way as true as the animal is, he could be a greater person than he is.

The sex centre is the easiest centre through which normal man can operate. And he activates a part of Kundalini which stimulates the sex centre, and from there on we know what may happen. And the result is a great dissipation of energy; the motive? Base passion – uncontrolled. If a man, or woman, controls this basic centre and conveys Kundalini up to it and through it, such a person as that has great passion for mankind; has great feeling for his brothers; wants to serve them, help them, in every way. Such a person as that is capable of sending out great Love.

You can either dissipate the energy by uncontrolled sexual contact, or transmute it into a great, magnificent force or power. And that is what the Yogi tells us to do. He tells us not to kill it. If we control this psychic centre – if we try to raise that power upon a higher level, it will manifest as something great; it’s the beginning of the energy we call L-O-V-E.

One of the most important physical exercises ever devised for the world is to stand on one’s head. This is because of causing the Ojas, or vital life fluid – which naturally flows down the spine – to reverse its flow and begin to flow up the spine. And it begins to flow into and feed the brain cells; this is before it becomes the secretion. This is the power behind the contact. So if one can control this energy either by service, by prayer – this helps because one is beginning to elevate – lift, transmute passion into LOVE. The physical fluid if sent up the spine, can be transmuted into mental energy – so can its philosophical counterpart, if you wish to call it that. Basic emotion can be transmuted into pure LOVE.

And he goes on to say in another lecture connected with the same topic:

Control of sex – absolutely strictly. You have to make up your mind how far do I want to go. This is the question you must ask yourself. Nobody else can answer it. Nobody else can even ask it, because it’s your business and nobody else’s. How far do I want to go? If the answer is as far as I possibly can in this life, then no sex indulgence whatsoever. If the answer is, well, I just want to get a bit better than I am now, then strict moderation. And this is something which you must answer yourself. And don’t forget, this is the first rung of the ladder. Remember, a human is above the animal in as much as he should absolutely control all energy dissipation through intimacy. You might say, well, this is not fair on the opposite sex. Probably it isn’t. In a lot of ways it may not be fair. If you’re married, it may not be fair on your partner. I’m not saying that it is fair on your partner to suddenly change now when you hadn’t changed before. This is not fair on your partner, but it’s a question you must ask yourself. How far do I want to go? In fact, I would put it this way: do I want to start?

It’s very interesting how George King’s explanation not only reveals details which would not really be understood or accepted by science, but that it stands completely at odds with modern society’s approach to sexual activity – certainly in the west. With the medical world and the media advocating regular sexual relations as beneficial for the health, people in general would scoff at George King’s words on the matter.

The 20th century’s so-called sexual revolution – usually connected with 1960’s – saw the liberation from the hangover of the prudish Victorian era in the western world; a pendulum swing from one extreme to another, as is usually the case in society. And religion was partly to blame for sexual repression in society. But, unlike religion, the words of George King on this matter clearly have nothing to do with passing judgement, and reach much further and deeper than those of any religion. Essentially he his talking not simply about this one life, but about the many lives to come (a subject I discuss in greater detail in my other article), and very few people in the world can claim to actually think in this way. As for the spiritual aspirant – the yogic practitioner – if taken to heart, George King’s explanation might be taken as a foundation stone, crucial to an understanding of the long road to enlightenment.

In another recorded lecture George King mentions an incident from his time in London when a young man, who was a brilliant medium, drew large audiences with his display of psychic abilities. Although quite highly developed in his ability to use certain psychic centres to a considerable degree, he was also heavily indulgent in sexual activity. George King was aware of this fact and approached him after a performance one evening to warn him that if he continued along both paths, he would go mad. The young man laughed. Sadly, the man did indeed eventually go insane. This is an example of exerting the body in one way – opening it up to forces and energies of higher frequency – yet still engrossing it in the baser, materialistic, lower frequency energies; tearing it apart by trying to go in two directions at the same time. It would be interesting to hear the diagnosis of a medical doctor or psychoanalyst on such a case.

However, for those aspirants who have resolved to take the spiritual path, George King asserts in his writings that suppression of the baser desires, as practised by some eastern traditions in the past, is folly. Because, as any psychotherapist knows – anything forced to remain hidden simply returns with even greater intensity than before. George King gave certain visualization practises to deal with the thought patterns and ‘leakage of Ojas’ from the brain down the spine. But ultimately it is up to the individual on how to deal with baser thought patterns; obviously as individuals we are all so-very different. Understanding and knowledge is usually the key to begin with. Probably the most important consideration is that our physical is temporary – transient, impermanent – and therefore not actually real (a point I discuss in my other article). The indulgence of sexual activity binds us to the temporal – anchors us in the impermanent materialism of the basic senses, and prevents us from moving upwards to experience the higher senses, and the vastness which most of us don’t believe exists beyond the basic world. A great analogy for this is that we all spend our lives splashing around in the rockpool which is our lives; small but important to us; then one day we decide to peer over the top of the rock, to find a vast ocean that we never knew existed that was there all the time.

It is said that the Buddha, probably during his early stages of meditation (en route to the summit) had visions of exquisitely erotic women dancing before his eyes, who then quickly became wizzened, wrinkled, old and frail; an illustration of the fact that the spiritual journey upward is a departure from the basic self, which fights so very hard to hold us in that state of simplistic ease and ignorance – hanging on to our basic desires – while the truth of our human condition is clearly shown to us by the higher part of our consciousness (again a matter I discuss more fully in my other article).

It is well documented that George King spent ten years of his life reaching the summit of Enlightenment and the stage which he called Cosmic Consciousness. And that he did so through eight to ten hours of yogic practises each day over a period of about ten years; this was during the years after world war II in his tiny flat in London’s Maida Vale. Those close to him wrote about his cutting loose from his small group of friends – which included his sister – with whom he regularly socialized, telling them that ‘they wouldn’t be seeing him for some time’. He of course held down full-time employment to support himself, like any man would; but to do so, and pursue his quest, was a monumental feat.

However, it is what all this finally lead to in 1954 that challenges the ideas and philosophies of even the most spiritually broad-minded. And regarding the world view in general, tends to put George King in the category of lunatic. His name is inextricably linked with the term extra-terrestrial and the UFO phenomenon, and this is the main reason why he has been regarded with such incredulity. And quite rightly so, because we all know that extra-terrestrials don’t exist, as far as we know. Or do they?

The evidence that proves we are not alone in the universe

SETI (The Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence) is the collective term for the scientific search for extra-terrestrial intelligence, and costs the Americans around $2.5 million each year to run. And it has got to be the biggest joke in scientific history – even many scientists themselves believe it to be a pointless exercise, though not for the right reasons.

SETI has persisted for years in searching for distant radio signals from space while ignoring all the hard evidence which proves that intelligent life exists outside of our world; a bit like Christian Creationists believing the Earth to be only a few thousand years old despite the concrete evidence proving the contrary. SETI, just like the rest of science, is a church, and no matter what inexplicable proof exists, they will only believe what they want to believe according to their doctrine. And the proof is the thousands upon thousands of inexplicable phenomena sighted in the skies around our planet over many years. Of course many reports of unusual sightings in the sky can be explained, and turn out to be nothing unusual. But without any doubt whatsoever there is an abundance of credible experiences and sightings reported by reliable witnesses which cannot be ignored. But as science cannot yet explain them, they are ignored, and SETI continues to happily and stupidly plod on.




(This is an article in progress with new material added regularly).


This Blog is an attempt to elucidate one of the most enigmatic and misunderstood spiritual teachers of the 20th century, Dr. George King.

I think that because this spiritual teacher made so many seemingly bizarre claims, people tend to write him off as the crackpot founder of a UFO religion, without even studying his background. There have been so many weird cults over the past 50 years or so that we readily dismiss anything that doesn’t fit in with orthodox religions or scientific rationale, understandably so.

I mean, we’re told by the atheists that nothing exists beyond what we can either see or scientifically measure, and that life essentially has no meaning. The world religions tell us to believe in something that, to the modern-day mind, seems absurd – but maintain it will save us from ourselves, even though they have fought for centuries, in one way or another, against each other and amongst themselves, simply over a disparity of belief systems. While the contemporary priests of materialism – the marketing men – tell us that the latest iphone will make our life complete – that is, until the next one comes onto the market.

Modern technology is both a hindrance and a help, and the internet is no exception. So much information is available at our fingertips, much of it incredibly useful, yet so much of it poorly researched, and published by individuals with little or no understanding of what they’re talking about – usually coming from a particular angle, and often with an axe to grind; the price we pay for a democratic system I suppose.

But I make no complaints, after all, here I am able to present years of study to the world, at the stroke of a key.

So, back to the subject. And any information available on the internet regarding this man George King is either scant and poorly explained, or ridiculing. It seems to be the standard reaction in people to ignore or belittle anything they don’t understand. And I would suggest that all those adopting this approach regarding Dr. George King simply haven’t made a thorough study of him and his work. Because if they had, they would soon realise that he was what eastern mysticism regards as a Master of Yoga in the true sense of the term, with all the strange, so-called supernatural phenomena that is part of such an individual. And that he was indeed a channel through which beings from other worlds outside of ours spoke, however crazy that may sound to our hard-boiled, materialistic minds. And that he also imparted the most advanced spiritual teachings and practices this world has ever seen; a reiteration to some degree of the teachings of Buddha, Jesus and others, but in addition, a whole mountain of information appropriate to the modern scientific world in which we now live.

Over the following instalments of this blog, I will explain what I have discovered over the past 18 years of my research into this man, and more importantly for the sceptics, what hard evidence exists to prove the claims and concepts propounded by him. And ultimately to show, despite the fact that his legacy is upheld by just a handful of individuals today, that yet another great spiritual teacher, arguably the greatest Master ever to grace this world – a conveyor of information crucial to tackling mankind’s present condition and future existence – has managed to slip through the fingers of a largely ignorant, apathetic world, with complete disregard.

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